About Us
West Michigan Flight Academy (WMFA) was founded in 2007 by Patrick Johnson a former
dancer with a long and prestigious career. Seeing the need for quality Math and Science
programming for students in the inner-city public schools of West Michigan, Patrick searched
for answers and realized that he only needed to search within himself and
WMFA came to be.
With a commercial pilot rating and 15 years of flight experience he saw that he could make a
difference in the lives of inner-city youth using aviation as the tool to get them excited about
Math and Science.

With his experience of 28 years in the performing arts and working with at-risk youth in many
communities across the United States Patrick has amassed a vast knowledge and network of
individuals he can call upon to provide special expertise.

Working with schools and community organizations
WMFA gives access to aviation, motivating
students to learn and apply any facet of math, science, technology and engineering as it
correlates to Aviation and Aerospace. In our innovative learning environment, students gain
critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills, through presentations,
lab experiments and field trips all with a strong focus on careers in Aviation and Aerospace.

Mission: Provide aviation programs for urban and rural youth and the greater West Michigan
community while promoting the necessary steps for the urban and rural youth to finish high
school and pursue a highly advanced technical career opportunity related to the Aviation and
Aerospace industries.
Students experience:
  • Model aircraft building
  • Aircraft Restoration Projects
  • Aircraft orientation flights (both powered and glider
  • Field trips:
  • Air & Space museums
  • military and commercial facilities
  • FAA and Air Traffic Control related facilities
  • Local seminars where young people can hear
    from the aviation Professionals themselves
    regarding careers in the field.