Our courses work to bridge the gap with innovation, using aviation to motivate
and inspire the student’s interest in Math and Science with practical applications
found in aviation for those subjects. These courses support the national
objective of motivating youth in aviation and aerospace careers.

Elementary School Program: Provides the opportunity for WMFA
professionals to share their technical expertise and unique perspective with
students and teachers in school.  Together with teachers,
WMFA creates a
curriculum-based aviation program.  These experiences include model aircraft
building, flight simulations, phonics with aviation and aerospace, introduction to
radio control airplanes, and class projects. Part of this program takes place after
school as part of the
"Young Aviators Club" (YAC) after school program.

Middle School YAC Program: This group is given introductory flights in an
airplane, time on flight simulator, basic ground school, model aircraft building,
flight simulations, building, engineering and flying radio control airplanes.

High School YAC Program: WMFA provides an atmosphere for students to
become totally immersed in the fantastic world of flight. Ground instruction and
flight experiences highlight this innovative program. It provides the student with
real flight time in an aircraft and hands on experiences on the ground. This
program is dedicated to the juniors and seniors who are actively preparing for
the FAA private pilot written and practical exams. Focused preparations for the
exams are conducted utilizing King Schools and Jeppssen Part 141 course
materials, DVD and computer based assessment tools.

  • To develop an awareness of the role of aviation in human history

  • To discuss the airplane as a vehicle and identify its parts and the
    principles  of flight.

  • To encourage students to explore career opportunities in the fields of
    aviation and aerospace.

  • Students understand the role of government as it relates to aviation and
    the overall socio-economic benefits of aviation in their communities and
    their lives.
expectations for our students.